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How Can You Lose Weight By Using African Waist Beads?

African Waist Beads

The waist beads were used in all parts of Africa for many thousands of years, mostly by women, but especially in West Africa. Today, they are worn by many people, not just Africans but also has been adopted by many people across the world, which includes people from the United States.

In the past, African belts were hidden beneath the clothing, except when worn as part of costumes for dance performances or for wedding ceremonies. The waist beads could appear basic or they can be extremely intricate. They can come in a variety of designs, colours, and sizes.

They were originally made from various materials such as stone, glass or clay However, nowadays they are composed from synthetic materials. In certain cultures, they were given a huge importance and were used for ceremonial purposes.

However, all over Africa the use of waist beads is for a variety of reasons such as waist shaping, which is one of them, mostly for Ghana as well as Nigeria. In the past, in Egyptian society, waist beads were often referred to in the form of “girdles.”

In a way, the use of waist beads to aid in weight loss could be considered a less strenuous method of modern exercise with the tight corsets and waist trainers.

The Primary Uses Of African Waist Beads Include:

  • Colourful beads that monitor fertility and menstrual cycles
  • For anchoring the menstrual cloth
  • As a sign of maturity for women who are becoming married
  • Just for the fashion
  • It is used in spiritual ceremonies and during prayer
  • To show sensuality, it is that can only be can be shared with an intimate companion
  • To entice men
  • To emphasise the feminine shape of the body
  • Assistance in weight management and weight loss

How To Utilise Waist Beads To Lose Weight

To lose weight it is recommended to purchase or create beads with the non-stretch fabric or string in order that the beads become somewhat uncomfortable and tight if you begin increasing your weight.

The string should be durable enough not to pop and be able to accommodate your movements because you’ll wear the beads all day long during your weight loss journey. After you’ve purchased or created waist beads that are that you like, you should place them to the belly button.

If the waist beads become loose and slide down your hip bones throughout the day, you’ll know you’ve decreased in size or lost weight. If you’d like to be smaller, you can simply repeat this procedure over and repeat the process.

Take the beads off and tie them again tighter over the belly button. However when you feel the beads rising up on your body, instead of sliding down, it is an indication that you are increasing your weight and growing.

Utilising the waistbands in this way, is a great way to measure changes in body composition to keep you on track with your journey to wellness even when the weight on the scale isn’t changing.

This will remind you that even if you’re weighing yourself, if the number on your scale isn’t falling, you are nevertheless achieving positive changes in your body. Beads on the waist can aid people with body awareness.

For instance , you may find that after eating certain foods, you’ll bloat more frequently as the beads get uncomfortable. As a result, you’ll be aware to stay clear of these foods and concentrate on other foods that will help you lose weight.

So, the beads are utilised to track changes in body size and limit eating too much if weight loss is the goal.

Beads For The Waist Stories Of Transformation To Weight Loss

Personally, I have not worn waist beads, however there are numerous videos on YouTube that discuss how the beads have helped people shed weight. Many claim to have seen results between two weeks to a month with continuous use and use.

Where Can I Purchase African Waist Beads

You can buy waist beads online Amazon There are a variety of Instagram sellers. I’ll provide a link below. For sellers on Amazon, I conducted the study for you to identify the most trustworthy sellers, and also to identify wholesalers from China.

I am not associated with one of Amazon or Instagram sellers, but wanted to create an inventory of the sellers who are helping push the society ahead. Personally, I would prefer buying on Amazon over Instagram due to the ease of paying and security as well as shipping.


  • African waist beads can help monitor the body’s composition
  • African waist beads assist with food/body awareness
  • The waist beads are a more gentle type of waist training.
  • The use of waist beads can reduce your consumption of food.

If you’re trying to be a part of the summer, or just want to get healthier, head over and buy yourself some African Waist Beads on Amazon or any other place!

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