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20 Best Leg Workouts That Will Make Your Lower Body Workouts More Interesting

Best leg workouts

Yes, exercising your legs is among the most essential exercises you can undertake to improve your overall well-being. Why? A healthy lower back is vital to a variety of everyday activities. Consider taking the stairs up or picking something up on the ground or or sitting in a recliner. These all require strength and stability in your legs. Check out this list of best leg workouts you can do.

Best Leg Workouts


What to do: If you’re a runner and want to improve your running, consider adding skaters to your workout. This aerobic exercise can help strengthen your knees and legs, as well as improves balance and stability.

To perform this exercise, make sure you stand with your feet about hip-width apart. Then, transfer the weight of one leg , and then use it to leap laterally towards the opposite side and land on the opposite foot. Visually, you’ll look like you’re skating. (Hence that’s the reason for.)

Why it’s great: This move helps runners remain agile and quick as well as enhancing knee stability.

Jump Rope

What to do: You don’t require actually to jump rope to perform this technique. (Though should you own one, you can use it.) What you need to do is to perform a sequence of small and continuous jumps that are placed in a laterally or vertical direction, and then move your arms like you’re throwing a rope under your body each time you make a jump.

Hip Circumferences

Methods to use: To do this move help yourself, put your weight onto the elbows as well as theknees. Maintain your shoulders above the elbows and your hips in the knees. Then, draw circles by using one knee.

Then, move towards the hip. Draw a circle as wide as you can while keeping your the torso in place. Keep moving your the right knee around for 30 secs. Then switch legs and repeat the process on left leg for 30 seconds.

What makes it so great: Yes, this exercise will cause your glutes to burn however, it will aid in maintaining some needed mobility in your hip area.

Walking Lunges

How to: Place both hands upon your hips and then take a large step forward using your left leg while keeping your body straight.

The knees should be bent and you can lower your body to the lunge position. Stop when your legs have formed 90-degree angles.

Push through your right foot and then move forward until you are until you’re in the same place with your left leg, like you’re “walking.” (Pro suggestion: Amp up the effort by adding dumbbells to the mixture.)

The reason it works Walking lunges can increase your flexibility and balance as well as posture by stretching your hamstrings and hips.

Broad Jump

What to do: With your knees hip-length apart, bend your hips and glutes, then move your body forward through a controlled jumping movement. Get on your feet in the distance your (comfortably) are able to from the point you started.

Maintain an easy bend in your knees and land as though you’re a ninja attempting to not make noise. This will keep your knees in good shape and also keep your leap fluid.

The reason it is so effective: Consistently doing broad jumps will not only improve the distance you can leap over time, but also improve your glutes and quads and increase your ability to do burst-like moves.

Side Laying Plank

Methods to use: Lie on one side with your legs over one another. Set your forearm on the floor, with your elbow just below your shoulder, and your forearm aligned with your mat. As you push away from your elbow work your glutes, core, and your legs in order to elevate your weight from of the mat.

The reason it works: While this is categorically an exercise that is essential but you’re also working your quads, glutes, as well as your lower leg muscles to help support your body while it is lifted off the ground.

Donkey Kick

Methods to do: On your mat place yourself on your legs and arms. While keeping the right leg bent to a 90-degree angle, raise your left leg to the sky until your leg is in an even line between your back and shoulders with your right foot pointing toward the sky.

Then reverse the motion to return to where you started, then switch legs once you’ve completed one exercise on your right side.

What it does: If you want an exercise that will get your muscles burning This is ideal for you. Prepare for super-strong glutes.

Goblet Squat

What to do: Stand with feet hip-width apart. Hold the weight on your the chest, with elbows facing towards the floor. Bend your hips and push them back. knees in order to lower yourself into an squat. Return to the starting position. This is one rep.

What makes it so effective: This beginner-friendly way to work your squats to the max also engages your heart.

Banded Lateral Walk

Methods to use: Place a mini resistance band just a few inches over ankles and then stand with feet hip-width apart and knees bent slightly. While keeping your core tight and a tight core, move your left foot towards the side, then followed by right. This is one rep.

The reason it’s so effective: This move warms up your glutes as well as focuses on your glute medius muscles that are often ignored.

Single-Leg Deadlift

Methods to use: Holding a weight in either hand, sit on left foot with palms facing towards the thighs. Keep your left leg slightly bent and hinging it towards the front at hips.

Then extend your right leg straight ahead of your body until the your torso is parallel to floor. The weights should be brought to the floor straight as you move until they’re nearly reaching the floor. Push your left heel into the floor and then return to standing. It’s a single rep.

The reason it works: This unilateral (single-side) exercise targets your hamstrings and glutes and test your balance.

Sumo Deadlift

Methods to use: Holding two kettlebells or dumbbells, stand with your feet just a little wider than hip width and toes pointing towards the outside.

Place the weights on your legs, palms facing forward. With knees bent slightly, push your hips backwards as you can hinge your waist. Then lower the weights towards the floor. Press glutes until you are back to standing. It’s a single rep.

Stability Ball Bridge

What to do: Start lying on back with arms at sides and legs bent 90 ° (shins are parallel to the mat) and feet resting on a the stability ball.

Press down into the soles as well as the upper back and arms to lift hips off the floor a couple of inches. Return to the beginning. It’s one rep.

The reason it’s so great: Performing bridges with a stability ball can test your glutes, hamstrings, and balance in a completely new method.

Lateral Lunge And Balance

Methods to use: Stand with feet hip-width apart, hands on the sides. Make a huge step to the right. Then move your hips backwards, bent right knee , then lowering until the right knee is bent at 90 degrees. Return to a straight position while lifting knee, then pulling it back into the chest using arms. This is one rep.

The reason it is so popular: Most workouts focus on forward and backward movement, but the lateral (side-to-side) exercises are crucial to build a well-rounded fitness.

Squat And Heel Raise

Methods to do: Stand with heels higher than shoulder-distance apart with toes slightly angled. Bend knees, extend your hips back, then lower into an squat.

Drop your arms between your legs. After that, push into heels and rise up, rotating arms to the sides. Then, at the top, lift arms straight upwards and overhead, then hold onto your toes. This is one rep.

Why is it so great? Heel raise, which is included here, targets your calves.

Suitcase Deadlift

Methods to use: Hold a weight using your left hand, with feet shoulder width apart and the right hand is clenched in a fist. With abs tightly engaged and knees supple as you sit back, gradually lower the weight until it’s in the mid-shin of left.

The back should be in line with the floor. Engaging heels by pressing them through while engaging the abs then return to starting. Engage glutes until they are completely standing up. This is one rep.

What makes it so effective: In addition to firing your glutes, hamstrings and back the deadlift for suitcases can also trigger your Obliques.

Bulgarian Split Squat

What to do: Start standing about two feet ahead of a step. Hold one weight in each hand. Move left leg forward and then place the left foot on the step.

Lower knees and bend knees as much as you are able to (or until knees are right above the floor) Keep the shoulders back and chest lifted. Pause, and then push through right heel until you back to your starting point. This is one rep.

What makes it so effective: This leveled-up split squat variation tests the power of your leg’s front, increasing the intensity of your workout while protecting against muscular imbalances.

Sumo Squat

What to do: Stand with heels about shoulder-distance apart, and then flip your toes slightly wide. Place a dumbbell or kettlebell behind the hips.

Bend knees, extending your hips forward, then drop down into the squat position. Letting arms hang in such a way that the weight is still under shoulders.

Lower the hips until they are just below knees. Then, stop in the middle for 2 seconds before driving into heels before returning to standing. It’s a single repetition.

The reason it’s so popular: This squat variation targets the thighs of your inner thighs more than the conventional version.

Stability Ball Hip Thrust

Methods: Start with arms behind the head, elbows spread and pressing the upper back into a stability ball, bent legs and feet flat on the floor, with hips hanging over mat.

Lean back onto the stability ball and then lift your the hips to ceiling until the legs are parallel to mat. Return to the beginning. This is one rep.

Isometric Calf Raise

Methods to use: Hold a pair of dumbbells, and stand with feet about shoulder width apart. While keeping the body still, push up on the tip of your the toes. Keep it for 30 minutes. This is one rep.

The reason it works: This move really hits your calves. No machines are required!

Reverse Lunge

What to do: Stand with feet hip-width apart, and place dumbbells with both hands with the other side facing you. Move your right leg back and bend your knees until knees are bent at 90 degrees. Move left foot through to stand. One rep is enough.

What makes it so effective: This staple unilateral exercise targets the quads, your hamstrings along with your glutes.

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