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10 Cardio Workouts You Should Try To Lose Weight

Best cardio for weight loss

You might do cardio to keep you lean and show your muscle gains from lifting weights. That’s fine.

When it comes to choosing the best cardio for burning fat, you must first decide what type of lean body you want.

If you train like an endurance runner, your body will be lean and muscle-dense from a lot of miles logged at slower paces. You’ll see muscle growth and fat loss if you train like a sprinter.

We can all agree that intensity is key. Intensity increases, which means more calories are burned. High-intensity interval training is a great way to get shredded and maintain (or gain) muscle.

These are the top ten cardio options that experts recommend to help you lose weight quicker and get results faster.

Cardio Workouts For Workout


Although these machines are great for a workout, they were initially designed to reduce impact on the hips and knees. Because it has a low impact, the calorie burning effect isn’t as great as cardio machines like treadmills or stair masters.

The elliptical machine can help you burn calories and not strain your joints, even though the average weight of an elliptical is 180 lbs.

If a man is moving at a moderate pace, he may burn between 500-600 calories an hour. However, it’s possible to get more from the elliptical machine by increasing the intensity, speed, resistance, and resistance.

This is the best way to lose fat on an elliptical. Increase the incline to activate your glutes and leg muscles. Adams says that this movement mimics stair-climbing but without the impact.

This movement can simulate stair-climbing without the impact.” You should lower the incline and increase resistance to achieve cross-country skiing. This will give your quads a workout that is truly cross-country.

Run At A Moderate Pace

Although running at a moderate pace is a great way to lose fat and calories, it is not the best way to build or maintain muscle.

According to the numbers, a 180-lb. Ryan says that a man can burn approximately 940 calories an hour running at an 8.5-minute pace for a mile or 7 mph on a treadmill for one hour.

This will make a great, long run to maintain your aerobic capacity every few weeks. However, it requires a lot of effort and mileage.

If you want to do a longer run once in a while, it is advisable to choose trails or other soft surfaces than blacktop and cement.

Running on a treadmill is the best way to lose fat. This burns more calories, and may be easier on your knees. It can be much more enjoyable to run with a group or partner than alone.

Stair Climber

Another popular way to lose fat and calories is by stair climbing. However, it takes only 500-600 calories per 180-lb. Man at a moderate pace.

Because of the higher leg lift involved, climbing stairs uses significantly more muscles than just walking–strengthening your legs in a functional way. People with poor knees may find it difficult to climb stairs.

This is the best way to lose fat on a staircase climber. Try to integrate 90% or more effort onto the stair climber for 30 second with an one-to-two-minute ‘active recuperation,’ like a farmer carries with medium-weight dumbbells or kettlebells to incorporate upper and core strength. This workout can be done for 10-15 rounds to spice up your workout and burn more calories than the average.

Jumping Rope

Jump rope is an essential part of a boxer’s training program. It’s easy, cheap, quick, increases foot speed, burns tons of calories, and it’s inexpensive. Jump rope is a common move among fighters, boxers, and wrestlers.

Ben Bourdon C.S.C.S. owner of X celebration Fitness, Auburn Hills, MI, says that jumping rope improves footwork, shoulder strength and coordination. It also simulates sprinting which can help you burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes.

Jump rope is the best way to lose fat. While it’s not possible to jump rope for 30 consecutive minutes, it’s a good idea to alternate between slow and fast jumps to keep your heart rate up.

You don’t have the ability to do this? Jump for one minute and then stop for 20-30 seconds. Repeat until you’re done. For a great workout, keep a jump rope in your bag if you are a frequent traveler.


Although a kettlebell exercise is not a cardio-only activity, its calorie-burning benefits are too great to ignore. Adams says that kettlebell workouts combine strength training with cardio.

A recent study on the calorie burning effects of this type workout has shown that it burns around 20 calories per hour. This number includes both the aerobic calorie expenditure and the anaerobic calories.

This is one exception to the rule that cardio exercises do not build muscle. Adams says that you can burn between 400-600 calories in 30 minutes.

This is the best way to do it. If you are able to perform a movement for 40-50 repetitions, your kettlebell may not be heavy enough. He advises, “Don’t be too light or too heavy.”

To maximize your calorie burn, one of the best methods to kettlebell exercise is to perform a single movement for 30-40 seconds, then rest for 20-30 seconds. Then, repeat the movement, or cycle through multiple movements.


Stationary bikes are an important part of most gyms. But, there is a reason why most people don’t wait in line to use them. Adams says that stationary bikes require you to pedal while looking at your phone.

The average spin class or indoor cycling session weighs in at 180 lbs. A man can burn approximately 1,150 calories an hour while a moderate ride burns about 675 calories.

How to lose fat by cycling: Intervals on a stationary bicycle are a great way of burning as many calories as possible in a short time.

Adams recommends that you keep the intensity high for intervals for at least two minutes. Then, slow down for about a minute, and then continue repeating the intervals as long as possible.


Swimming is a full-body workout. It starts as soon as you step on water. Boudro says that swimming is essentially a fight against gravity.

This means that your muscles work extra hard to keep you on the water without getting any rest. You’ll actually burn 14 calories by swimming fast for just one minute.

Adams states that stroke type matters. A breast stroke burns less calories than a butterfly’s, so make sure you include different strokes into your training.

Swimming is the best way to lose fat. Simply treading water is a great way to burn calories. Do a few laps and then do a water-treading exercise.

Then, you can go back to the beginning. If you are able to swim at an elite level, then you should swim as fast and as long as you can.

If you’re not a great swimmer, you might consider swimming intervals. Swim the length of the pool as fast as possible, then slow down for the same distance.


You’ll be impressed by the athletic and v-cut physiques of any college rower. Ryan explains that Rowing is a great way for the upper and lower bodies to be integrated in a relatively low stress manner on your joints, ligaments and joints.

It’s also great for working the posterior chain.” A moderate pace on a rowing machine can burn up to 800 calories an hour for a 180-pound man.

However, increasing intensity with shorter sprints will quickly increase that number to well over 1,000 calories an hour.

Rowing is the best way to burn calories. Boudro says that you shouldn’t let your arms do all of the work. Instead, use your legs to propel the movement forward.

Interval Training With High Intensity

HIIT allows you to get a complete workout and burn a lot of calories and fat. Ryan says that HIIT workouts can be varied in calories, with a man of 180 lbs consuming 500 calories an hour and a woman who weighs 1500 consuming more than 1500 calories per hour.

HIIT workouts are very effective because of the intensity and variety of each exercise and reps. Pair any body-weight movement and a traditional cardio element, and you’ve got the perfect recipe to burn fat.

This is the best way to do it. Look out for Tabata and HIIT at your gym. Is there a gym or class nearby? These 10 HIIT exercises will help you get shredded. To maximize your efforts, make sure you don’t take too much rest.


Sprinting outside, on a treadmill or up stairs, is a great way to burn calories quickly. These workouts don’t require any equipment and can be done anywhere.

Sprinting is easy and burns a lot of calories. It’s a great way to lose weight. While steady-state running and jogging can burn lots of calories, it will pay off to increase your speed or intensity.

The best thing? Ryan says sprinting doesn’t leave any muscle unaffected. Ryan says, “If Six Pack City is your destination, then sprint full-steam ahead.”

Sprinting is the best way to lose fat. If you are outside, sprint a lap then jog another lap. You can keep doing this for as long and as possible.

On a treadmill, sprint for 20-30 secs, then slow down the belt and jog for about a minute before you go again. Do you have a stadium or a flight of stairs?

You can run up the stairs as fast as possible, then you can jog or walk down. Adams says that it’s not a good idea for runners to descend stairs or bleachers.

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