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Adderall May Cause Abnormal Weight Loss

Adderall May Cause Abnormal

Adderall can be stimulant that may reduce an individual’s appetite. Many people have relied on Adderall for a long time to lose weight.

The growth problems that can be experienced by teenagers who use the drug to aid in this process and addiction can be a possibility when the drug is used in a manner that does not have medical supervision.

Learn more about the ways Adderall could cause an unusual reduction in weight and the consequences for addiction-related behavior among teens and adults.

Weight Loss

An appetite suppressant, such as Adderall, can cause weight loss because of it having Amphetamines in the medication. Serotonin levels increase within the human body after Amphetamines are present, which hinders serotonin’s reuptake and triggers the release serotonin from the presynaptic nerve terminal.

Research in neuroscience has shown that the increase in serotonin within the synapse causes feelings of wellbeing or fullness that reduces appetite. Although this could be a problem in adults, this could be more challenging for teens and children that are growing.

Amphetamines could be a short-term influence on the child’s growth (height as well as weight) with the possibility of long-term negative effects that do not require having the assistance of a physician.

Adderall Addiction

There are many medical reasons not to take Adderall could increase the risk of dependency or dependence. Anorexia is a major possibility of a person abusing Adderall.

Amphetamine is not used as often in the treatment of overweight, eating disorders and weight loss because of the possibility of misuse.

In terms of medical practice, Adderall is not to be used solely for weight loss or for enhancement of performance due to problems with addiction. The likelihood of addiction and harmful negative side effects increase when alcohol is combined with Adderall.

This is why it is advised that anyone who is taking Adderall be cautious about not drinking alcohol to avoid concomitant side effects from mixing alcohol with this drug that can cause negative psychological and physical effects.

Warnings For Teens

Teens who use Adderall might experience a decrease in appetite, which is one of many reasons Adderall could cause an excessive losses in weight.

Teens and children who are taking Adderall are required to be watched for any changes in weight or abnormal growth. The slowing of growth could be observed in a child’s weight and height when they are taking Adderall.

The primary ingredient (Amphetamine) could reduce weight gain and growth. These medications can cause a decrease in growth in the initial 3 to 5 years after treatment.

Studies have proven that this can be temporary, however it may have long-term effects if it is not monitored regularly by a physician. The doctor who prescribes the medication should be aware of growth, but must be aware of height and weight increases or decreases.

If a child shows significant changes in either of these areas, it is recommended that the child consult by a physician to discuss the potential side consequences of Adderall. Lower doses are a method to reduce the impact of weight loss on the child.

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