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Do Stretch Marks Go Away?

Stretch Marks

stretch markings are a common aspect of growth for many women and men. They can happen when you are pregnant, puberty or during rapid weight or muscle increase.

Stretch marks aren’t likely to disappear by themselves. But, there are ways to lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

Are You Able To Get Rid De Stretch Marks?

A variety of treatment options have been devised to remove stretch marks (also called striae ditensae) and promoted as effective in removing them. In reality, however stretch marks don’t completely disappear.

There are various types of treatment carried out by dermatologists and plastic surgeons that are able to significantly diminish visible stretch mark appearance. They are generally expensive and aren’t usually covered by health insurance. The treatments are:

  • laser treatment
  • microdermabrasion
  • cosmetic surgery for cosmetic purposes.

How Do Make Stretch Marks Less Visible?

If you’ve noticed stretch marks, don’t worry. You’re not alone. The appearance of stretch marks is common for all age groups. If you find that your stretch marks cause a problem with your appearance on your behalf, you can find methods to hide them or enhance their appearance.

Make use of self-tanners. If you are not using self-tanners, they can help make the colour of stretch marks, making them appear to be the same shade as your skin.

However, regular tanning does not be helpful as it could negatively impact the condition for your skin. Stretch marks tend to be less likely to get tanned.

Make use of cosmetics. If you just wish to cover some stretch marks for the day or night applying a foundation that is a shade of your skin can conceal stretch marks.

Apply topical creams or ointments. There are many creams for topical use which claim to reduce stretch marks. Make sure to read the reviews and discover what works and doesn’t for individuals.
Wear clothing with greater coverage. Long sleeves or longer pants will cover areas caused by stretch marks.

What Is The Process By Which Stretch Marks Appear?

Stretch marks are a natural phenomenon that occurs as rapid growth triggers internal tears. While skin is elastic, if stretched out for a short amount of time it can result in internal tears, which leave marks called stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Are Typical In The Following Scenarios:

  • Rapid weight loss
  • puberty
  • bodybuilding
  • taking corticosteroids for longer than a couple of weeks
  • pregnancy
  • Cushing’s Syndrome

If stretch marks are the first to show up they are known as striae rubrae. This is the time when stretching marks are red in color and are perpendicular to the portion of the skin being stretched. Once the stretch marks have faded they are referred to as striae albae.

Preventing Stretch Marks

An 2012 study of the topical treatment of prevention of stretch marks revealed it was not possible to distinguish between stretch marks growth in women who were treated with topical prevention lotions or ointments compared to those who received placebos or had none.


Stretch marks are quite frequent, but their appearance of stretch marks can be reduced with self-tanners, makeup, ointments or surgical treatments.

Sometimes, when the cause of the stretching has no longer been an issue, stretch marks will fade away however, in the majority of cases with time, they will fade away to leave a less prominent mark.

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