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Myths And Facts About Diet

Facts About Diet

Myth 1: Eliminating fat from your diet will help to lose weight faster.

Fact: Many people think that if they cut fat from their daily nutrition, it’ll help to lose weight faster. But take a look on fat-free or low-fat products, such as cookies and ice-cream, which are very high in calories.

Do you think it is better solution? You can also gain extra pounds if you eat huge quantities of low-fat, carbohydrate-rich foods like pasta or white bread.

Always check the calorie content of low-fat meals, especially for products like cakes, ice-cream, crisps, cookies.

Don’t be surprised when you’ll find that there’s little difference in calorie content compared to standard products.

Myth 2: Crash dieting makes to lose weight faster

Juice Diet

Fact: It can be true in the shot term, but later you’ll gain pounds as fast as you lose them. Remember, losing weight over the long term (for ex., 2-4 pounds per month) burns off but, while crash dieting not only reduces fat, but also attenuates muscles and tissue.

Myth 3: Stop eating after 8 p.m.

Fact: Many people believe that eating in the evening makes their body to store fat and try to stop eating after 6 p.m.

It can be true if you eat more calorie foods than you’ve burned during the day. Try to plan your daily nutrition and always leave enough calories for dinner.

Myth 4: Nuts are fattening

Fact: In fact, nuts are high in calories and fat, but they also are full of vitamins, fiber, protein, minerals and they keep blood sugar steady.

More to say, it’s much better to consume handful of nuts instead eating sweets. It means that there is no reason to stop eating nuts, just pay attention on amount.

Myth 5: Foods like grapefruit, celery, apple vinegar and cabbage soup burn fat

Weight Loss Goals-Skip Breakfast

Fact: There are no foods that can burn fat. It’s believed that products that contain caffeine may speed up metabolism, but they can’t burn fat.

Myth 6: Use honey instead of sugar

Fact: It’s known that honey contain 75% of sugar and it’s also higher in calories. Take a look – 1 tsp of honey contains 25 calories while 1 tsp of sugar has only 16! But if you prefer honey – that’s ok, just use it in a small amount.

Myth 7: It’s not necessary to exercise when you are on a diet

Fact: It’s true that dieting alone can help to lose weight, but muscles and extra skin (that appears after losing much weight) will look awful. Working out will double your rate of weight loss and also your muscles will look great.

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