Juice Diet For Easy And Painless Weight Loss

Juice Diet

It’s summer and we need to be well hydrated. So, why don’t we turn that juice-drinking into a quick weight loss and into an easy juice diet.

In Weight-loss. Tips you’ll find an easy juice diet and painless weight loss tips and of course, one 7-day diet including only juices.

Here’re some recipes, which will help your body to detox and to lose that copula of pounds you’re fighting with for so long.

1. Juice diet for weight loss and detox.

We’ll start with one juice which is really detoxing, delicious and easy to prepare. It contains two apples, one celery stick, 1/2 cucumber, one small spinach (handful) and ice cubes. Add these ingredients in the blender, but remember that the ice cubes should be added at the end.

One minute blending would be enough. Drink that detoxing juice in the morning, because that’s the time of the day when your body needs fresh energy.

2. Energy and weight losing juice.

So, if you want to be well energized and to feel great till noon, then you’ll need that juice. You’ll need 1/2 celery stick, two apples, one cucumber, 1/2 pineapple, one lime (peeled), 1/2 avocado, one small spinach (handful) and ice cubes. Again the preparation is easy and doesn’t take long. Blend everything together and finally add the ice cubes.

3. Strange but delicious and healthy juice.

This juice is really strange because one if its main ingredients is yellow pepper. Don’t worry, it can be easily found in every shop and doesn’t cost much.

That weight losing juice contains one yellow pepper, one small kiwi, three carrots, one grapefruit, face drops of stevia and 1/2 inch ginger (fresh).

First of all, you have to cut all the vegetables and fruits. Use the blender for about five minutes, and your juice is ready.

4. Summer juice for weight loss.

Its ingredients are typical for the summer season and they’re one cup with watermelon, one lemon and mint leaves (one teaspoon). Blend them all together. If you want, you can add ice cubes to make your juice more refreshing.

5. Easy juice diet for fast losing weight.

This juice is really amazing, because it contains strange ingredients, which combine perfectly together. They are: one small carrot, three peeled oranges, lemon juice, 1/2 frees cabbage and 1/2 inch ginger (fresh) and ice cubes. Blend everything together and again it’s up to you whether you’ll add the ice cubes or not.

Drink these weight losing juices for one week and try to replace at least one meal with one of them. Really soon you’ll notice body changes which will prove to you that weight loss with juices is possible and easy to achieve.

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