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Being able to maintain your ideal size can prove to be stressful and difficult job. It is possible that you have heard or thought that your hormones may have some connection with your inability to shed weight, and this could be prove to be true, especially if pregnant or have used contraceptives for many years.

The balance of hormones in women includes two hormones: progesterone as well as estrogen. If both are present in the body in acceptable quantities, it’s likely that the body can function optimally.

However, it’s when estrogen levels become excessively high (or progesterone is too low) women will experience the situation that is “estrogen dominance,” which can cause havoc to a variety of bodily functions. One of these is the body’s ability to keep its optimal weight.

Excessive Estrogen Can Cause Belly Fat

Let’s examine our dairy business for just a moment. Traditional dairy farmers inject their cows with estrogen for the purpose of gaining weight. One solution is to buy local milk and meat or from organic sources, but remember that cow’s milk is also intended to produce the size of a baby calf.

To make things worse, the fat cells of the body make estrogen, therefore, if you’re overweight it is possible to be trapped in a vicious estrogen/fat cycle and in a position to not keep your hormone levels in balance and lose the fat layer around your midsection.  For some women, it could result in weight increase. The best solution is to cut down on estrogen consumption to the maximum extent is possible, however to regulate the estrogen levels within your body.

It might be recommended to supplement your diet with bio-identical, natural progesterone (remember… the most important thing is keeping the two hormones in balance).

It is also possible to consider using a natural phytonutrient (plant nutritional element) that is present in cruciferous vegetables known as Diindolylmethane ( DIM). It is extremely beneficial in helping achieve better estrogen metabolism.

Progesterone For Weight Loss

When you experience lower levels of progesterone the liver produces high amounts of a substance called Thyroid Binding Globulin (TBG). This TBG binds with the thyroid hormones in your body is unable to use, preventing these hormones from getting used correctly within your body.

The result is a kind of Hypothyroidism that is referred to as type 2 Hypothyroidism and is not visible on blood tests as the issue lies within the cells of your body, not your blood.

Progesterone Lowers Insulin Levels.

Insulin is influenced by imbalances in hormones and estrogen dominance could result in the release of insulin in excess. The increase in insulin levels can trigger cravings for sugar which can be difficult to manage.

This is the reason why women seek out sweets, such as chocolate, during PMS. It can also lead to weight growth. All of this is making sense at this point, doesn’t it?

Progesterone Is A Natural Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Inflammation reduction can also help the brain to produce another hormone known as Leptin which helps control your appetite. A healthy hormone balance makes it simpler to eat healthy and shed weight.

Progesterone Is A Natural Sleep Aid

This is due to progesterone having a calming effect over the mind. Estrogen is, on the other hand, can have an excitation influence in the brain. Due to this, women who have estrogen dominance tend to are prone to sleep heavily. Sleep deprivation can also be associated with the disruption of the hormone responsible for controlling eating habits (Leptin).

Insufficient sleep has been associated with an increase in calories consumed and a decrease in consumption of energy (more calories consumed and less calories taken out).

Progesterone Reduces Fluid Retention

If Estrogen levels aren’t equalized by sufficient levels of progesterone, women are prone to hold more fluid than normal. Progesterone is natural diuretic and may significantly reduce swelling and bloating.

Progesterone Is Compared To Progestins

It is vitally important to know the distinctions between bio-identical and synthetic progesterone and drugs known as progestins. Bio-identical Progesterone has molecularity that is similar to what your body produces and lets it be easily identified and used. There is a relationship to bioidentical progesterone’s with weight reduction.

Progesterone creams may not be identical. It is recommended to buy progesterone cream specifically designed for you and not synthetic ones.

Progestins on the other side, don’t have the same molecular structure, and are not treated the exact same as your body does. The reason that progestins aren’t exactly the same as the hormones the body produces is because pharmaceutical industry is not able to patent progesterone.

Drug companies are not able to patent anything or substance naturally present in the natural world. What is this going to means for the drug business? It’s simple… Patents aren’t needed means no money.

the hormones known as progestins (synthetic progesterone) are not able to relieve the symptoms of estrogen Dominance However, they may actually make things worse or be the reason for the problem in the beginning.

The negative effects of Progestins are made worse due to the fact that they can actually stop the body’s ability to produce its progesterone.

This is the reason why women are prescribed birth control pills that contain progestins, they are more likely to increase weight as well as retain fluid and show other signs caused by estrogen-dominated.

A fascinating fact about contraceptives for birth is the fact that initial research that was conducted to formulate birth control pills was done with progesterone that was naturally produced, however, the formula later, it was altered to ensure the drug could later be patentable.

Learn additional details about distinctions between synthetic and bio-identical progesterone here.

Progesterone from bioidentical sources and loss of weight are one of the main reasons many people turn to an expert in bioidentical medicine who will employ a variety of strategies to assist those suffering from hormone imbalance.

They can also offer you progesterone cream to aid in weight loss when it is needed. Progesterone side effects can result in weight gain, but this isn’t always the situation. Every body is unique and reacts differently to the hormone progesterone.

What Steps Can I Take To Correct Hormonal Imbalance?

Estrogen dominance is a condition that can be successfully and effectively treated by the use of bio-identical testosterone. Testing in the lab, particularly saliva testing, lets us determine the balance and levels of progesterone and estrogen in your body.

Then, we can develop an appropriate treatment plan that will supplement the progesterone that you already have with enough to regulate your estrogen. Simply by replacing the missing progesterone within the body by bioidentical progesterone you can bring your hormones back in equilibrium.

The benefits of hormonal balance include improved sleep, better mood, more energy as well as better mental functioning enhanced libido, and, yes, weight reduction!

If you think you may have an imbalance in your hormones If you suspect that you have a hormonal imbalance, you are able to test your symptoms for no cost. It is also possible to request an free consultation and learn what we can do to help you achieve the most fulfilling life!

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