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Can Subliminal Messaging Help You Lose Weight?

Subliminal Messaging Help You Lose Weight

Researchers and scientists have been researching the unconscious mind the area of the brain in which things like motivation and memories occur for centuries.

There are many marketers making use of subliminal messaging to alter people’s attitudes and actions. Perhaps you’re wondering whether it is possible to use subliminal messages and other phenomena that affect the brain, such as the use of hypnosis to lose weight.

This article describes how individuals or treatments can utilise subliminal messages to lose weight and whether or not these techniques are supported by research.

What Are Subliminal Messages? Function?

Subliminal messages are stimuli such as images or sounds, which are either too weak or fast for the majority of people to be able to perceive.

Although they’re not at the level of human cognition however, they can still stimulate the brain and influence the way we behave.

Also the human brain could detect and respond to subliminal messages , without conscious of it. Because of this, subliminal messages are often employed as a way to alter the thoughts of people and inspire them to change their habits.

Some have tried subliminal messages to alter different behaviours for example, to stop smoking, get more exercise increase self-esteem, and even shed weight.

Subliminal Message And Loss Of Weight

Two major pathways within the brain control the consumption of food and drinks consumed by humans.

The homeostatic pathway urges you to eat whenever your body isn’t able to produce enough energy to perform its most fundamental activities.

On the other hand the hedonistic pathway may outsmart the homeostatic pathways and trigger hunger in the presence of plenty of energy.

While both depend on the neural pathways that run through your brain The hedonistic pathway particular is stimulated by things like stress, thoughts emotions, and even things you see, such as advertisements.

In short, it seems that subconscious signals can influence eating habits in a variety of ways.

So, many people are wondering whether they could use subliminal messages to influence brain’s pathways and promote weight loss.

Subliminal Weight Loss Programs

Subliminal messages weight loss programs offer a myriad of arguments regarding their effectiveness. They claim that these programs aid in helping people achieve your weight-loss goals through altering the subconscious mind to replace negative belief systems with positive thoughts.

The programs are available in various designs and shapes. Audio tapes CDs, DVDs, MP3s, digital applications YouTube videos, and many more each promising weight reduction with the aid of subliminal messages.

Subliminal weight loss programs also employ the hypnosis and positive affirmations and guided meditations as well as other similar methods to help focus your mind.

A lot of people use the background sound and Binaural Beats to calm your mind, and to prepare for subliminal messages.

Binaural beats can be described as an auditory illusion where there are two distinct tones for each ear, trigger the brain to detect the sound of a beat. Many people utilise them for meditation.

How To Utilise Them

The most effective method to utilise subliminal messages to lose weight is dependent on the program you select. The majority of programs have specific guidelines.

Many recommend listening to music when lying down with eyes closed, while others suggest you listen while doing other tasks. Certain software programs explicitly recommend that users listen to audio messages prior to getting ready to go to bed, or even when they sleep.

If you’d like to test Subliminal messages to lose weight when enjoying music, it is possible to use applications that overlay messages on top of music.

Subliminal programs for weight loss that are based on music utilise binaural, instrumental, tones or natural sounds to support subliminal messages about weight loss.

Are They Efficient?

Subliminal weight loss messages might seem like a straightforward way to shed weight. But, there’s no research-based evidence to back their efficacy as a tool to lose weight.

A review of research conducted in 2018 looked at the effects of weight control cues on eating habits. It concluded that subliminal cues did not have any effect on the amount of food consumed.

Scientists have only conducted a limited studies that have examined subliminal messages to aid in weight loss specifically. The majority of studies have been small and haven’t determined weight loss.

A study that was much older in 1992 compared weight loss rates across three women who were considered overweight. One group was exposed to messages about weight loss that were subliminal and another group was did not listen to any messages, while one group didn’t pay attention to any message.

After five weeks after 5 weeks, all three groups women had lost the same amount of weight. Women who were exposed to subliminal messages didn’t lose substantially different amount of weight than the women who were in other groups.

Researchers concluded that there was not enough evidence to suggest that listening subliminal messages can aid in weight loss than they would without the messages.

They also suggested that hearing subliminal messages could cause people to be more aware about their own weight.

Potential Benefits Of Subliminal Messages

There’s not enough information on this subject to draw numerous conclusions regarding the particular benefits of subliminal signals for weight loss.

There’s evidence suggesting that subliminal messages can indirectly support — or at the very least influence weight loss goals as well as certain behaviours that are often associated with them.

A recent study examined the effects of dieting on 29 participants who were exposed to subliminal visual messages. The researchers concluded that the subliminal processing of messages about food could affect diet performance.

A study conducted in 2014 found that a brief study of 13 participants revealed that those exposed to positive subliminal visual messages prior to exercising performed an exercise routine for longer time than those who had been exposed to negative visuals.

A study conducted in 2009 found that subliminal messages of phrases that were related to exercise resulted in a higher intake of food within minutes of viewing the ads.

An earlier study exposed people to subliminal visual messages that included diet-related words. It found that those who were dieting were more likely to be less attentive to food items that trigger the hedonistic pathway in the brain, for example, those with high levels of fat and sugar.

In 2012, a study review concluded that looking at keywords related to diet and food — conscious or subconsciously, could have a significant influence on the behaviours of those who are trying to lose weight.

Effectiveness May Vary

Certain studies suggest Subliminal message effectiveness might depend on a variety of other factors including:

  • Tthe media used either audio or visual
  • The goals of a person’s personal life
  • Past experiences in the world of culture
  • Levels of fullness and hunger
  • Personality characteristics
  • Motivation
  • The capacity to regulate self-regulation

Therefore, subliminal weight loss programs might not work in the same way for all people.

Making A Choice Of An Under-the-radar Weight Loss Program

To reap maximum benefit from an under-the-radar diet program for weight loss, make sure to pick an option that appears to be authentic.

The programs for subliminal weight loss aren’t subject to regulation and there’s no assurance that the company has embedded subliminal messages in the video or audio material as it claims to have done.

Read carefully any directions the program gives you.

A lot of programs have disclaimers that state that a person will experience the most weight loss advantages in exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet in addition to adhering to the subliminal messages program.

Therefore, in order to benefit the most from an exercise routine, you may decide to enhance your fitness and diet practices.

It’s The Bottom Line

Certain proponents of subliminal message have long argued that it is an easy, safe and effective method to shed weight.

Early research suggests subliminal messages could influence diet-related and food-related behavior and thoughts. But, another study has shown the subliminal message with weight loss-related cues do not have any effect.

The research on the subject is mixed and there aren’t many studies on the subject.

So, the jury isn’t yet in the sand on whether subliminal messages could help you lose weight. It could be beneficial for some but it’s not a any guarantee.

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