Weight Loss

How To Jump Start Weight Loss

How To Jump Start Weight Loss

Many women who embark on an exercise program are seeking “fat loss,” and they think that the best strategy would be in order to workout more often and consume less fat.

This is it’s a plan that seems sensible and simple. However, the reality is far more complicated and also heavily on the needs of each individual.

“Eliminating fat from your diet and exercising too much will likely work against your goals,” Mahri Relin, NASM certified personal trainer and the founder as well as the designer of the Body Conceptions.

“And an even bigger question comes up that if you don’t have to shed fat due to a particular reason There is a different approach to looking at exercising other than simply trying at reducing fat?

Instead, we should focus at what body and mind actually desire and build an attitude of fitness as well as healthy food choices that results in a healthier body composition, and a more positive and more enjoyable life?”

The craze of fat-loss that took over the diet market, many people tried to cut out all fat from their diets — and then replace them with processed and unhealthful alternatives. It’s now clear that this method is damaging for the body.

For example, “good fats” -monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are vital for the function of the brain, organ protection cells, growth and development as well as absorption of nutrients and the control of cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure.

They also provide your body with energy, which is essential in exercising at the highest level.

On the other hand, “bad fats” — i.e. saturated fats in many dairy products that are high in fat and animal and in some processed foods should be kept to a minimum because they may contribute to weight gain and increase heart risk.

The most important thing, Relin says, is to include a certain amount of good fats (preferably some at each meal) and to limit saturated fat consumption at a minimum of 10% of your daily intake.

From a fitness perspective From a fitness perspective, the trend towards performing “more” and working “harder” as a means of losing weight and burning off fat has had unexpected results.

“People who are not used to working out and who approach a workout regimen with lots of intensity are at higher risk of injury, and they can also burn out quickly,” Relin states.

“Also the high intensity of exercise can degrade muscle tissue and lower the rate of metabolism at rest (and will make you feel more hungry and more likely to eat too much! )

This can make weight loss more challenging. It is interesting to note that doing too many exercises that are too intense can cause an increase in cortisol levels within the body, which results in an increase of visceral fat, which is intended to safeguard organs.

This extra abdominal fat, along with inflammation throughout the body caused by excessive exercise clearly impedes your weight loss goals and makes our bodies in need of relaxation.”

That’s the reason Relin believes that the best way to kick-starting the process of losing fat lies in knowing what is most effective for you. What are you most likely doing? What are some other benefits to exercising and eating healthy other than becoming smaller?

“Finding out what kinds of movements make you feel stronger, happier and more energized will encourage you to exercise more regularly and make it part of your lifestyle,” she declares.

“You are more likely to keep following healthier routines for a longer time rather than focusing on exercise or diet as a one-size-fits-all-fits-all-purpose thing.

Concentrating on the outcomes which have nothing to do with body appearance takes guilt and shame off the table.

Instead, you’ll focus on the ways that these habits can enable you to feel the best version of yourself instead of trying to get the shape you think will be your natural shape.”

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a long and difficult process from lifting weights to logging your steps, make these habits in mind to begin working towards your fitness goals now.

5 Simple Fat-Loss Tips

1. Fiber + Protein = Fat Loss

This combo can help reduce cravings as it helps keep your body satisfied for longer, as it breaks into food items at a lower pace in your body.

“Also, make sure to include healthy fats in your meals along with protein and foods that don’t cause a spike and fall in blood sugar — like fruits, green vegetables and complex carbs,” Relin suggests.

After the day has ended you can make your own protein shake or steam some leafy green vegetables, or pack some dried fruit for your lunchtime snack. Whatever it is, you should be sure to do the task.

2. Count Your Steps

Of course, not literally however, by using the pedometer, you will be able to keep track of the number of steps you are taking every day.

According to the Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research 10,000 steps daily can get you on the road towards losing weight and improving your heart health. What are some great ways to increase your steps?

Use steps, walk further away from your shopping destination and take a walk with your friend during lunch. “Consider playing music you love that makes you want to move more,” Relin says.

“Before you know it, you might find yourself dancing around your room, or you might even be motivated to go for a run.”

Try 3DFitBud Pedometer

3. Meet With A Dietitian

Do you need to eat just six small meals each day? Do you prefer intermittent fasting or only eat two meals a day? It’s difficult to tell since your body is distinct from other people’s.

“I recommend seeking the counsel of a dietitian, even if just for one visit, who specializes in creating individualized plans,” Relin advises.

“This person can help you discover the most effective way your body absorbs and processes food, as well as the timing and the composition the meals you eat. It is also important to consider the time of your workout.”

4. Sleep More

Okay, get off the talk-show late at night and get your supper on! The research has shown that two hormones play a role in the need to eat both ghrelin as well as leptin.

Ghrelin informs your body that you’re hungry, and leptin signals your body to be full. If you’re not sleeping, ghrelin thrives and so will your appetite.

So tonight make sure you take all of your vitamins “zzz’s.” But that’s not all that sleep does. “Sleep helps regenerate the brain and all functions of the body,” Relin states.

“Many of us don’t realize that good sleep is crucial for maintaining healthy hormone balance (including helping control cortisol levels) and for helping muscles function and repair themselves properly.”

5. Lift Weights

The stronger you are in your muscle mass, the better they’ll aid in fighting fat. Training with weights increases your metabolism , which can, in turn, burn off the fat in your body and help keep it burning throughout the day long.

“Strength training also releases endorphins, which gives you a feeling of euphoria that brings you back to the exercise room,” Relin states.

“This kind of work also builds strength and prevents injury, both of which are crucial to achieving the body, confidence and longevity that we all crave.”

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