Weight Loss Food Supplements And How They Affect On Our Body

Weight Loss Food Supplements

Food and dietary supplement are actually a product administered orally and which contains a different number of ingredients.

They are made in order to complement our food or our diet and they are not regarded as food. They are products which contain helpful for us vitamins, minerals, various herbs, but also amino acids, substances which are complementary to the diet.

Weight loss food supplements can be like a concentrate, constituent, metabolite, extract, or even combination of these. This products are always represented as part of its labeling as element from the daily food intake.

Supplements are for personal care, sports nutrition, vitamins and minerals and these for weight loss management. All categories contain many diversity of products.

1. Sports and Fat Burner supplements.

Widely used are the so-called sports nutrition and products which contribute to the weight loss process – called Fat Burner Supplements.

Undoubtedly losing weight can considerably polish up your emotions and personal physical health. This can be a slow and difficult process.

2. Healthy and popular weight loss food supplements.

In fact there are several proven assisting weight loss healthy supplements which are available. They are six and have indisputable weight loss proofs behind them.

The weight loss food supplements are calcium, fiber, conjugated linoleic acid, green tea extract, meal replacements and orlistat – an over-the-counter weight loss medicament.

Taking supplements and sports activity is warranty for losing weight but in combination with a reduction of feeding. Physicals activity is mandatory and it should be done around three times per week.

For CLA /conjugated linoleic acid/ has been shown that burn fat and at the same time contribute to creating muscle mass.

The survey found that, when we use it combined with an established plan of diet and fizical exercises, this product not only has slimming effect but increases muscle strength and exercise activity.

CLA is contained in dairy products and animal clean fats /beef, lamb meat, eggs and other/ but it can’t be produced from our body.

This product is used extensively in the past 10 years. It helps the body to increase metabolic levels, affected well to our immune system and mostly keep cholesterol levels in norm due to the omega-6 fatty acids in it.

3. L-carnitine and its effect on the weight losing process.

Compound L-carnitine is other product which is considered that it has an adjusting action weight as increase in fat oxidation, or personal fat burning, and clean body mass.

This compound is sold free as supplement for weight loss but there isn’t scientific proofs that it truly works. Main food sources of carnitine are red meat, lamb and milk products but also fish, wheat, peanut butter and others.

4. Hydroxy citric acid as food supplement.

Hydroxy citric Acid or briefly HCA is an ingredient which is put in many weight loss supplements. It is obtained from the bark of some dried fruits but especially in plant called Garcinia camogie.

Some studies support that HCA is effective in reduction of fat absorption, comparatively increasing fat metabolism, influence on appetite and dramatically demotion bad cholesterol.

HCA is modified form of citric acid and it’s an active substance engaged in the metabolism of carbohydrates.

It is believed that in the presence of Hydroxy citric acid, unnecessary carbohydrates would be spent and they won’t be stored as fat.

Today we can try wide assortment of fat burner weight loss food supplements. On the market there are a wide selection of brands and prices but few are those which are truly the best.

We can buy them on the internet from special sites. First you should consult with someone who knows better about this weight loss food supplements and will recommend the appropriate for you preparation for weight loss food supplements.

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