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What Do You Mean By Buffalo Hump?

fix buffalo hump

A shoulder hump or a buffalo hump, may be caused by fat accumulation behind the neck. This isn’t always severe.

The growths, cysts and other growths that are abnormal can also appear in your shoulders which can cause an bump. A hump may also result from an spinal curvature.

It is important to consult your doctor regarding any physical changes that occur to the neck’s back.

What Is The Reason For An Hump Behind Shoulders?

A hump in the shoulders could be due to a medical condition or a medications.

It Could Be Because Of:

  • A side effect of prescription drug (such as those that are used for treating obesity
  • Cushing’s Syndrome (a rare condition in which the body is overloaded with of cortisol hormone)
  • osteoporosis (a condition that causes to bones that are thin)
  • long-term use of steroids

Osteoporosis, also known as the brittle bone disorder, leads to bone tissue that is abnormally thin. Women who are menopausal women and elderly adults are most susceptible to this type of condition. The reason for this is that their bodies are less able to absorb calcium. capacity of absorbing calcium.

Osteoporosis can cause bone deformities. If you suffer from this condition the spine may develop a curvature, which can give the appearance of a hump. This is known as Kyphoscoliosis.

A back hump is also a symptom of Cushing’s Syndrome. The disorder is responsible for obesity over around the waist, acne, chronic discomfort, irregular menstrual cycles and changes in the sex drive. In conjunction with other bone and muscle changes, like thin muscles and weak bones Cushing’s syndrome can cause excess fat to accumulate around the neck.

The Treatment Options Available For Buffalo Hump

It’s recommended to address the hump by fixing the underlying issue which caused it. In some instances cosmetic surgery may be able to eliminate the fat accumulation. But, unless the underlying reason for the problem is addressed the hump can come back.

If you think the hump may be an effect of prescription medications consult your physician about changing the dosage or switching medications. Don’t take a medication prescribed by your doctor without the permission of your physician.

If your hump is a result of overweight an exercise and diet program can help you treat it.

How Can Buffalo Hump Be Diagnosed?

A doctor can diagnose the presence of a buffalo hump with an examination alone. It is still necessary for tests to pinpoint the root of the hump.

Before you begin the doctor will inquire with you to provide details about your medical history, as well as any other issues you’ve had.

A Few Of The Most Common Tests Are:

  • Bone density test
  • tests for blood (to determine the levels of cortisol and hormones)
  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • X-ray


There’s no method to stop the formation of a hump around your spine. However, there are actions you can take to decrease the chance of getting one.

Prevent osteoporosis by taking the recommended daily intake of calcium as well as vitamin D. If you suffer from a medical condition that hinders your body from taking calcium from foods or supplements, your physician may recommend calcium-rich supplements. They are also available on the internet.

Regular exercise is essential to reduce the risk of obesity and thinning bones and consume a balanced diet that includes all food categories.

If you’re menopausal or older than 51, it is recommended to increase your calcium intake from 1000 milligrams per day to 1,800 milligrams per day. Always consult your physician prior to increasing your calcium intake, particularly when you are taking medication or have an ancestral history of osteoporosis.


The majority of the problems will result from the condition or disease which caused the hump to develop. The hump can grow to be massive, which makes it difficult to lower your neck. This can cause trouble when trying to rotate your head one side or the other.

The hump of this type is not painful, but inform your doctor right away in the event that you experience discomfort.

Certain people might be anxious or stressed due to the appearance of the hump. If you notice an increase in anxiety or other signs associated with depression go to your doctor to discuss options for treatment.

Health Disclaimer :

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