Weight Loss

What Is Thrive Patch, And How Does It Help In Weight Loss?

Weight Loss

The Thrive Patch is part of an 8-week weight loss and lifestyle experience. Advocates claim that the Thrive patch, along with the Thrive lifestyle capsules, will result in a significant improvement in weight, fitness, and health.

Does Thrive Patch’s Really Work?

The Thrive Patch works with Derma Fusion Technology. The patch uses a transdermal drugs delivery system which delivers drug molecules to the skin at a controlled rate in order to promote systemic circulation.

This basically means that the ingredients are released onto the skin’s surface by the patch. The ingredients are then absorbed by the skin, which allows them to enter the bloodstream.

These ingredients are part of the Thrive Patch:

  • ForsLean: Forslean, a brand-name version of forskolin is a plant extract taken from the Coleus Forskohlii root. Recent studies have shown evidence that forskolin can help with weight loss. One older study concluded that forskolin may be helpful in managing obesity and overweight in men.
  • Green coffee bean extract: This extract may aid with weight maintenance.
  • Garcinia cambogia: The plant has shown positive effects on body weight, appetite, and body fat percentage, but it has been ineffective in other studies.
  • CoQ10: This nutrient is found naturally in the human body. It can be used as a supplement or as a patch to aid in weight loss.
  • White willow bark: Many people have used white willow bark for weight loss and performance enhancement. Its anti-inflammatory properties may explain this widespread use.
  • Cosmoperine: This ingredient is derived from piperine, the active ingredient in peppercorns. Piperine may have potential fat-lowering effects, according to a research done in mice.

The Thrive Patch has received very little research. Anecdotal evidence suggests the Thrive Patch could lead to weight loss when used in conjunction with the Thrive shake and capsules.

Benefits And Risks Of Thrive Patch


Although it is only anecdotal evidence, the Thrive patch can be used to help people lose weight. It can also be used as a starting point for people to make lifestyle changes that will improve their health.

The 8-week weight management program claims to promote weight loss and improve lifestyle and fitness.

CoQ10 is an ingredient in the patch. However, more research is needed to confirm that it really helps in muscle recovery. The caffeine found in green coffee bean extract could increase alertness and attention, giving people the feeling of being more healthy.

It is important to note that the Thrive Patch doesn’t list the exact quantities of its ingredients. It may not have enough caffeine or CoQ10 to produce the positive effects, research suggests.


The Thrive Patch has a potential downside: there isn’t much research on it. It is therefore unknown what long-term effects it may have.

A person could gain weight if they continue to eat the same diet for 8 weeks. A strict diet can lead to changes of hormones, metabolism and cognitive functions.

People may find it difficult to continue with the healthy lifestyles that are necessary to lose weight after the diet is over.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the Thrive Patch may cause anxiety or panic attacks.

It may be due to caffeine. A 2015 study that examined high school students’ caffeine intake discovered a link between higher anxiety levels and depression.

A person might consider making lifestyle changes to encourage a healthy and sustainable weight loss.

If you:

  • Are younger than 18 years old
  • are pregnant
  • are breastfeeding
  • having existing medical conditions
  • are taking medication

Anybody who is considering the Thrive patch or the 8-week program should first consult their doctor.

Tips to Lose Weight

There are many safe and proven ways to lose weight. These are:

  • Increasing physical activity
  • Calorie intake should be decreased
  • Consistently eating at the same times every day
  • Eating breakfast
  • Following certain diets such as the Mediterranean diet

These methods may be easier to integrate into a healthy lifestyle that allows for moderate weight loss.


The Thrive patch claims to be a weight loss plaster. It can be used in conjunction with other products during an 8-week program.

It contains some ingredients that have been shown to aid weight loss. However, little research has been done on the actual benefits of the patch.

There are potential dangers to using a Thrive patch. There are two possible risks: weight gain and anxiety. To understand the long-term potential risks, more research is needed.

You should approach the Thrive Patch with a little bit of skepticism. People who are looking to lose weight should increase their physical activity and decrease their daily calorie intake.

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