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Weight Loss In Cancer Patients: What You Need To Know

Why does cancer cause weight loss

While undergoing treatment there are many cancer patients who wonder how they can lose weight through the course of treatment. It’s not uncommon however if you shed over 3 pounds in one week, It is important to report the issue to your doctor. The weight loss could be due to cancer and the treatment you receive.

To fight cancer cells in the body, the body produces cytokines. These could cause a loss of appetite and the mass of muscles, which can lead to weight loss.

Treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation are known to result in a decrease in appetite in patients with cancer. Sometimes the patient might appear to be eating well, but still, be able to lose weight.

Why Do Cancer Patients Lose Weight?

The loss of weight in cancer patients could be due to cancer itself, or from nutrition-related negative effects that affect your diet like nausea, changes in taste, and a decreased appetite. Many patients find that the form of cancer and treatment makes it challenging to eat healthy enough to consume all the calories needed to keep an appropriate weight.

But, certain treatments could cause the body to retain fluids or boost an individual’s appetite, which can cause them to consume more food, leading to weight growth. These treatments can include certain kinds of:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • The use of steroids in medicine is a good example.

The main causes of weight loss that is involuntary are depression (especially those who live in Long-term Care Facilities) and cardiac conditions and benign gastrointestinal disorders.

One of the most common concerns for both patients and caregivers is how to facilitate weight loss safely. When and after treatment for cancer it is essential to supply your body with sufficient nutrients, including proteins, vitamins and minerals.

The weight loss that occurs in the course of treatment is correlated to:

  • The hospitalization rate is increasing
  • Refusal to receive treatment
  • Malnutrition

How Can You Stop Cancer Patients From Losing weight?

Malnutrition is a common occurrence in patients suffering from cancer. It happens when there is an imbalance of energy or protein, as well as other nutrients. The addition of extra protein, fats and fluids sugar during meals, or nutritional supplements, can aid in weight maintenance. The doctor or dietitian of the patient can provide advice on diet.

It is essential to take your food seriously, even if you don’t feel hungry. Loss of appetite can occur due to a condition known as “cachexia,” or a metabolic disorder caused by cancer itself, or could also be influenced by chemotherapy.

If not addressed, the loss of appetite can cause severe weight loss and muscle wasting, characterized by weakness, as well as a weak immunity. Insufficient nutrition can affect a person’s ability to function, strength and quality of their living.

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