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6 Reasons Why Roller Skating Is The Most Effective Way To Stay Healthy

Roller Skating

It’s not a secret that keeping in good shape can be a challenge and , not just that, but it can be very boring to do the same thing every week.

If I told you that there’s an activity that can aid in losing weight, improve your fitness levels, and be so fun that you’ll want keep doing it every day? Roller skating is the best method of staying healthy and here’s the reason…

1. Burn Calories

Indoor and outdoor skating is a great way to burn calories. As per Fitness Magazine quad

skating can burn 482 calories per hour, which is quite amazing, but didn’t you know? inline skating is even more efficient in burning calories? In fact, an hour of skating generate up to 600 calories!

2. Great Workout For Aerobics

As a cardio-vascular activity, it can also keep your heart and lungs in shape. A 30-minute session of roller skates can increase your heart rate up to the rate of 148 beats per min, which results in weight loss and decreased risk of weight-related diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

3. It Is Effective For The Majority Of Muscle Groups

Roller skating is an ideal all-body exercise since it engages all muscles like the Glutes, Calves, Abs, the Quads and Arms. This means that not only does roller skating aid you in lose weight , it can aid in gaining muscle as well!

4. Gentle On The Joints

Walking, running and dancing all of them can wreck havoc on joints, especially knees, however roller skating is a different beast. All skating disciplines are low-impact, so you still reap the benefits running can provide, by skating, you can reduce the bruising impact on your joints by as much as to 50 percent. Since skating is a low-impact sport it can be an ideal aerobic exercise for people with joint issues or injuries.

5. Roller Skating Is Safer

Yes it is, roller skating is more secure than other activities. It’s not about knees that are grazed if you fall. That’s what knee pads are designed for. Skating is one of the safest activities regarding injuries from sports. Skating is 3 times more secure than rugby, football and tennis. 4 times more secure than a basket ball, and five times more secure than cycling.

6. Roller Skating Can Make You Happy!

We all know we must to ensure that our bodies are healthy, however, we need to maintain our mental health too. Skating helps clear the mind and helps reduce mild forms of depression as well as stress. It decreases bad hormones and, while doing this, it boosts the levels of endorphins within the body. These are often called the “happy hormones”. If you are skating with friends you’ll be having even more enjoyable!

The benefits to fitness that roller skaters reap are astounding and if you’ve thought about starting some new exercise routine, or your current exercise routine has you going to sleep, why not give roller skating a go? Have fun , get fit and forget about your concerns. If you’ve never started it’s time to start!

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