Yo-Yo Dieting Can be Dangerous. Follow These 4 Tips To Lose Weight

yo-yo dieting

Yo-yo dieting, also referred to as weight-cycling, refers to a method of losing and gaining weight in a continuous manner, so your weight fluctuates constantly.

Although most people think of losing weight as healthy, but yo-yo diets could harm your health, resulting in heart disease as well as high blood pressure and a higher BMI over time.

How Can You Stop Yo-yo Diet?

Are you struggling with your yo-yo diet because you are unable to maintain the weight loss in the long run? There are concrete ways to end the cycle. The most important thing to do in getting a long-lasting weight loss is to make dieting an incremental process. Weight loss goals should be for the long term, not for the next 3 months.

Instead of extreme calorie-cutting, here are some modifications that can help you quit the yo-yo diet and begin losing weight in an effective way.

  • Get started creating your own meals instead of ordering take-out or fast food. Individuals who follow this method have been proven to naturally shift towards eating diets that adhere to the nutritionals-approved Mediterranean and the diet known as DASH.
  • Beware of processed food items or refined sugars since they’ve been linked to greater BMI.
  • Take a large glasses of water prior to eating, and stay clear of soda.
  • Make sure you’re eating more vegetables and consume them before your meals to lessen your appetite so that you’re less likely to overeat calories-rich food items like meat or starchy dishes.

Your diet could have more longevity if avoid cutting out your favorite unhealthy, unhealthier foods completely. Make sure you reduce your portions.

Remember the fact that it is in human nature to try to lose in 2 months the weight one has gained in two years, but the body does not like those rapid corrections.

The fact is your metabolic rate slows down when you shed weight. This is because the less slender you’re, the fewer calories you’ll require to sustain yourself.

However, the hormones which control your appetite may not be as rapid in the same way as weight. This is the reason it’s difficult to maintain weight loss after the weight has been lost. The suggestions described in the article will reduce your appetite while it adjusts to the new lifestyle.

When You Should Start Taking Another Method Of Yo-yo Dieting

Yo-yo diets have been associated with binge eating which is a disorder in which people consume excessive portions of food in one go and are unable to manage their behavior.

A study, conducted in 2013, discovered that those who undergo multiple diet programs are much more likely to develop binge eating disorders. It is not clear whether the yo-yo diet actually causes eating disorder-related binge eating.

If you are struggling with an eating disorder that is binge, such as anorexia and you’re looking to break your yo-yo diets, you must use a different method that isn’t discussed in the article.

With any eating disorder, it is not about the food, rather underlying mental health concerns.

Why It’s So Important To Get Rid Of Yo-yo Dieting

The changes in weight can be particularly harmful to your heart. A study published in 2007 revealed that between 2500 women and men who maintained an appropriate weight were found to have higher markers of heart health over those with weight gain when researchers followed them 15 years after.

The same was true for overweight people who had an unchanging weight. When you lose weight your blood pressure and cardiovascular rate, blood sugar and kidney function will improve. But, if you gain weight rapidly, these parameters could be temporarily pushed to dangerous levels.

The issue is that these overshoots may be extremely harmful if they are repeated multiple times. In the long run, this could result in damage to the kidneys and the heart. Although losing weight can be healthy if you’re overweight or obese, However, an extreme diet is not likely to alter the way you look over time and it could actually cause you to gain weight.

To make a lasting weight loss, you must take an approach that is gradual, and make sensible changes to your lifestyle.

Key Takeaways

Yo-yo dieting is an endless loop of loss of weight growth, recovery, and pre-loss which can be very frustrating but can also be harmful to your health over the long term. If you’re overweight or obese and would like to become healthier in the process of losing fat, it’s crucial to discover a method to maintain your weight loss so you’re not likely to gain the weight back.

To help ensure that you’re adhering to the diet you’ll keep for in the future, you need to stay away from processed foods. Instead, prepare more food at your home.

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